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Welcome to the June edition of the JNLED update. In this letter we’d like to share some news with you about products that have just been added to our product range. We’ll share some general news with you and we’ll introduce some wonderful products, being LED high bay lamps.

New Products

We have added several exciting new products to our range, being a LED replacement for energy guzzling 2000W metal halide lamps. Those lamps are often installed at places that are hard to reach those lamps and need regular attention/ replacement of light sources (resulting in additional costs for crane hire). Suitable for replacement of 2000W metal halide lamps, this 1000W LED floodlight is something special! Customers can choose from several beam angles. The lumen output provided by this lamp is massive: 110.000 Lumen!

LED flood light

Also available is a 800W LED floodlight suitable for replacement of 1500W metal halide. This new LED lamp provides 88.000 Lumen. Both lamps can help achieve massive energy savings and can help save significantly on replacement and maintenance.
Both products have become part of our “Pro Line”, our range of top notch LED solutions for industrial/ commercial use.

For replacement of fluorescent tubes with 2G11 lamp holder ranging from 8-25W, we have decided to add several new products. Samples are available on short notice. Please contact us for more details.

LED replacement for fluorescent tubes

Other News

We continue working very hard on expansion of our overseas partner/ distributor network and have recently welcomed several new partners to our network. We look forward to a long and fruitful co-operation with our new partners.

Product Introduction

We are pleased to introduce some existing products from our product range: LED High Bay lamps with original Philips LEDs and Meanwell drivers that are in our “Pro line” (professional products for professionals).

We supply a range of top quality LED high bay lamps for replacement of energy guzzling lamps such as metal halide lamps. By using dimmers, motion detectors and/ or DALI converters we can supply smart solutions that allow for maximum energy savings and smart use of resources such as manpower.

Our quality products can help achieve huge energy savings but there are other advantages. Our products will also help customers to achieve large savings on expenses for maintenance and replacement.

LED high bay lamps in use

LED high bay lamp


Key Advantages

Some of the key advantages of our premium quality LED high bay lamps and LED floodlights:

  • The lamps provide very long life spans due to the use of top quality LEDs and top quality drivers.
  • The use of top quality components makes it possible to achieve stable light/ Lumen output. Very high Lux levels can be achieved, thanks to the combination of top quality LEDs, top quality drivers and the use of the right reflector/ beam angle for each job.
  • LEDs last longer if they don’t get too hot (for example if drivers are placed right next to the LEDs, this might affect the life span of the LEDs as the drivers can get very hot. Cooling or heat dissipation is crucial to a long lamp life span. The LED high bay and LED flood lights in our product range have excellent heat dissipation features which helps lengthen the life span of the lamps.
  • Depending on the existing light situation we can replace 400W Metal Halide lamps by 150W-200W LED high bay or LED floodlights.
  • Dimmable versions are available.
  • The LED high bay and LED floodlights are available with Dali (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) converter. Together with a controller, DALI converters make central dimming controlling of a series of lamps possible. This allows for extra energy saving.
    The Voltage range of the LED high bay and LED floodlights: 90-264V
  • IP level: IP40 or IP65
  • Apart from just supplying lamps we can help our customers by providing light simulations that are prepared with the help of the Dialux software program. Depending on the project scope we can supply a light simulation that provides an excellent insight in the possible light levels and distribution of the light that our LED high bay or flood lights can provide. The image underneath shows an extract from an actual light simulation which we prepared for a warehouse project. The numbers show the Lux at a height of 1m above ground level.

Example of Dialux light simulation

Key Specifications

Some key specs of some of the high bay lamps in our range:

LED Power







80/ 100/ 120° *




80/ 100/ 120° *




80/ 100/ 120° *

Light source: Philips Lumileds

*80 degrees beam angle: PC/ polycarbonate reflector (transparent).

*100/ 120 degrees beam angle: aluminium reflector (beautifully polished).

In our Pro Line you’ll find LED high bay and LED floodlights starting from 30W up to 400W (LED high bay) and from 30-1000W (LED floodlights).

LED hight bay lamps with transparent (left) and alumium (right) reflectors

Transparent PC reflector (80°)

Aluminium reflector (80, 100 or 120°)

Product Range

JNLED would like to show you some other products of our product range. Please contact us if you have questions about these products, or if you are looking for LED lighting products that are not shown in this edition of our LED update.

LED Track Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED Spot Lights

LED track light

LED flood light

LED spot light

LED Down Lights

LED AR111 With Gimbal

LED Down Lights

LED down light

LED AR111 with gimbal

LED down light

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